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As of January 2021 all sessions are virtual until further notice.

How Can We Help You?

I am a Parent Who Needs Support

As a parent, you spend a lot of time and energy just trying to “make it” through the day.  It’s on you to get everyone out the door smoothly…

I Have a Child Who Needs Support

The number of temper tantrums you face in a day seems out of the norm.  Every little thing sends your child off into an emotional meltdown…

I Have a Teenager Who Needs Support

Your teen seems to be all over the map emotionally, filled with anxiety one moment and rage the next…


Our Mission: At Swabey Family Counselling we know that life stressors and challenging behaviours can result in family tension and conflict. That’s why we help families build responsive relationships, develop core life skills, and reduce stress levels – because that’s what science tells us helps families to thrive! We want children, teenagers, and parents working together to learn how to truly listen to one another, communicate respectfully, and engage in collaborative problem solving. Our Family Counsellors teach skills that leave parents feeling confident, kids thriving in their environments, and families experiencing more fun and connection.

You can enjoy parenting, your child can be happy, and your teen can be successful.  Let’s get started!

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