In response to COVID-19 sessions are conducted via HIPPA/PHIPA compliant Telehealth and Virtual Sessions until further notice.


Date: TBA – Please complete the form below if you would like to attend an upcoming workshop.
Location: Back to Life Rehabilitation, 480 Advance Blvd, Suite 245
(Lakeshore Oasis Town Centre) Tecumseh, ON
Cost:  $60 per person or $100 per parent couple
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This workshop is for parents of children 12 and under who:

  • want to better understand their child’s big, emotional, angry, anxious, or tantrum behaviors,
  • feel frustrated with not knowing what to do anymore, because nothing you’ve tried seems to work,
  • are tired of repeating themselves over and over again, and
  • want to stop the behaviors from ruling their relationship with their child.


Develop an understanding of behavior that looks beneath the surface so that you know what’s happening in your child’s brain and body when big emotions arise (which allows you to stop behaviors at the root cause – no more band-aids!)

Learn why your lectures aren’t working and what to do about it, so that when you talk, your kids actually listen and follow through, which leaves you both feeling understood.

Gain effective tools to manage tantrums, outbursts, and defiance so you feel more in control in the moment which decreases frustration for you and your child (which means less yelling and more connection!).

Build your child’s self-esteem as they learn to confidently manage their big emotions with your support.

Feel more calm, confident, and connected as a parent.


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